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Jack Lance and the Harvard Riddle Search

Jack Lance died on May 1st, 2023. He was an absolutely brilliant man with an uncanny ability to just pull out puzzles from nowhere. I look up to him and admire him and he was taken from us too soon.

I wrote a riddle. It wasn’t meant to be a tribute riddle - it’s not really about Jack itself - but I cannot deny the effect that he had on me while writing it. While I have solved lots of letter webs before, I was always really intimidated by doing the coding and the connections. I have lots of great riddle ideas, but creating letter webs was always a weak point in my skills. But his RT3 Search reminded me that letter webs don’t necessarily need to follow the ridiculousness of riddle letter webs - sometimes a plain-stock web can still have wonderful solving moments.

So I made this letter web. It is a plain-stock web about an event that we both enjoyed - the Harvard Riddle Search. While it’s not actually a tribute to Jack - I’m sure that he’s looking down and smiling at what he’s inspired. This was super fun and I’m sure that you’ll see more letter webs out of me - maybe even with more shenanigans.

Harvard Letter Web

List of clues (because I am bad at coding and don’t know how to make the clues wrap):