Cute Mage's Tower

Enigmarch 2024

Since 2022, a group of puzzle enthusiasts have created Enigmarch, aka “Inktober for puzzles”. The past two years, I have tried to make cool connected projects involving the Enigmarch prompts, but that’s not really what I should be doing. The idea behind the project is that you’re supposed to make a small puzzle each day. This year, I’m going to follow that. I have a loose meta to fill in, but otherwise I’m just going to try to make something bite-sized each day, but hopefully still interesting to puzzle enthusiasts.

A couple notes before we hop in:

I have attempted to provide interactivity when it is easy, and I hope to recreate all the text on the pictures underneath for those that have trouble seeing the image. That being said, the canonical version of the puzzle is the image, and the interactivity is there to help but should not be considered to constrain you.

In addition, I will probably not publish every 24 hours. I’m going to try, but I know that the way my schedule works that I won’t be able to do that. Keep checking back periodically!

The Puzzles